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As a well-deserved king of mobile communications, China Mobile is annotating the most correct way to open 5G business through a 5G + conference with the theme of "5G + win-win future".

Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, believes that 5G is not simply "4G+1G", but will be more revolutionary and of higher value. It can provide infrastructure for the deep integration of industries across fields, all-round and multi-level, and fully release the magnification, overlapping and multiplying effect of digital applications on economic and social development.

Yang Jiedong said that the implementation of the "5G + plan" to promote the development of 5G, the network is the foundation, integration is the key, cooperation is the trend, application is fundamental.

It is reported that China Mobile's implementation of the 5G + plan mainly focuses on four aspects. One is to promote the coordinated development of 5G + 4G. We will vigorously promote 5G and 4G technology sharing, resource sharing, coverage collaboration and business collaboration, and accelerate the construction of 5G quality network covering the whole country with advanced technology and excellent quality. In 2019, more than 50,000 base stations will be built nationwide, and 5G commercial services will be realized in more than 50 cities. In 2020, the network coverage will be further expanded and 5G commercial services will be provided in all cities above Prefecture level. At the same time, we will improve the quality and service capability of 5G end-to-end network and continue to promote the development of 5G technology standards.

The second is to promote the integration and innovation of 5G + AICDE. Continuous promotion of 5G and artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Computing and other emerging information technology in-depth integration, system innovation, build 5G-centric ubiquitous intelligent infrastructure, build connectivity and intelligent convergence service capabilities, production The multiplier effect will be brought into full play to better serve the high-quality development of all walks of life by enhancing the slicing service capability, one-stop cloud convergence service capability, secure and credible large data service capability, telecommunication-level edge cloud service capability, and accelerating the mutual integration and deep integration of 5G and AIDEs.

Third, we should promote the ecological co-construction of 5G + Ecolog. China Mobile will build a 5G new ecosystem of resource sharing, ecological symbiosis, mutual benefit and win-win development, accommodation and development in an all-round way. We will further promote 5G industry cooperation, jointly build 5G terminal pioneer industry alliance, 5G industry digital alliance and 5G Multimedia Innovation alliance, and innovatively launch 5G "BEST" new business plan. In the 5G industry digital alliance, we will launch 100 partner selection plan, 10 billion fund takeoff plan, 1000 channel promotion plan, preferential resources enjoyment plan, and set up a general industry fund to provide basic support for industrial innovation.

Fourth, promote 5G+X application extension. Through "5G+4G", "5G+AICDE", "5G+Ecology", we can realize "5G+X", accelerate the application of 5G in a wider range and more fields, and achieve greater comprehensive benefits. Faced with all walks of life, China Mobile will launch the 5G product system of "network + platform + application", create 100 5G demonstration applications, and accelerate the deep integration of 5G and all walks of life. To meet the needs of digital life, we will launch 5G ultra-high definition video, ultra-high definition 5G fast game, ultra-high definition video color bell and other services for the general public.

Changzhou chen tong yuan communication equipment will try our best to support 5G telecom.

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