Fujian promotes the construction of new infrastructure by issuing a document, with 30 5G base stations per 10000 people by 2025
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Recently, Fujian Province issued the "Three Year Action Plan for the Construction of New Infrastructure in Fujian Province (2023-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), which proposes that by 2025, there will be 30 5G base stations per 10000 people, an internet inter provincial export bandwidth of 98Tbps, and a peak computing power of over 300PFLOPS (1000 trillion operations per second) for high-performance computing, creating a data center network with an ultra-low latency circle of "1ms in urban areas and 5ms between central cities", Strive to integrate into the national integrated big data center collaborative innovation system.

The Action Plan clearly states that by 2025, we will strive to achieve breakthrough progress in the construction of new infrastructure in the province Wu Hongwu, a member of the Party Group of the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Director of the Digital Office, stated at a press conference on the three-year action plan for the construction of new infrastructure in Fujian Province recently.

Accelerate the layout of information infrastructure and empower thousands of industries

The construction of information infrastructure is an important support for achieving the integration of economic, social, and technological development. In recent years, Fujian has accelerated the pace of information infrastructure construction, empowered thousands of industries, and contributed to the high-quality development of the economy and society. He Qiang, a member of the Party Group and first level inspector of the Fujian Provincial Communications Management Bureau, introduced at the meeting: "As of June 2023, the province has built 89000 5G base stations, achieving 5G coverage for all towns and townships and over 85% of administrative villages. It is the first in the country to achieve 5G coverage for 30 kilometers along the coast. It has built 571000 10G-PON ports, and popularized the 'gigabit to home' capability in towns and above

On the current basis, the Action Plan proposes that Fujian will accelerate the layout of information infrastructure, covering five major actions and 15 tasks, including the implementation of the ubiquitous network construction improvement action, the deep coverage action of the Internet of Things, the overall layout action of computing power network, the consolidation action of new technology infrastructure, and the deepening action of digital government reform, including the overall construction of gigabit optical network, 5G network, radio and television integration network, satellite internet Network infrastructure such as IoT perception network and industrial internet network, computing power infrastructure such as big data centers, edge data centers, and intelligent computing centers, new technology infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, big data, security, and digital government "1131" project.

According to the Action Plan, Fujian will continue to expand the coverage and popularization range of gigabit optical networks, deploy 10G-PON (Passive Optical Network) ports on a large scale, take the lead in carrying out 50G-PON pilot projects, improve the download speed of fixed broadband networks, and achieve "gigabit to home and 10000 gigabit to enterprise". Build a batch of gigabit cities, implement the "Fiber Optic Island" project, promote the upgrading of communication business entry and exit functions across the Taiwan Strait, and deepen the deployment and application of IPv6 on a large scale. By 2025, there will be 700000 ports with 10G-PON and above, 32% of gigabit broadband access users, 70% of mobile network IPv6 traffic, and over 99% of key website IPv6 support. At the same time, it is necessary to build a high-quality 5G network. By 2025, 120000 5G base stations will be built in the province, with a penetration rate of 70% for 5G users.

Deepen the construction of industrial internet networks. Accelerate the extension of high-quality industrial internet extranets to cover key industrial parks and backbone enterprises. Support industrial enterprises to introduce technologies such as industrial PON, 5G slicing, SDN, TSN, etc. to upgrade and transform their internal networks, promote IP transformation of industrial equipment, and promote the application of NC Link (Industrial Interconnection Communication Protocol) for CNC equipment. Accelerate the construction and application of comprehensive secondary nodes for industrial internet identification analysis and key industry secondary nodes. By 2025, there will be 8 industrial internet identity resolution nodes in the province, achieving full coverage of secondary nodes in districts and cities.

Optimize the layout of big data centers. Strengthen the cross regional overall layout and unified scheduling of Fujian's computing resources, focus on building a data center cluster based on the digital Fujian (Changle, Anxi) industrial park, and build a new type of data center that integrates storage and computing in a large-scale and intensive manner. Accelerate the green and intensive transformation of internet data centers. By 2025, the number of standard racks in use in the province will reach 150000, and the PUE of newly built large and ultra large data centers will not exceed 1.3.

Steady development of integrated infrastructure and promotion of project layout implementation

Currently, Fujian Province is strengthening the planning and reserve of a number of new infrastructure projects with strong demand, prominent shortcomings, and strong driving capabilities, focusing on key areas such as network, computing power, new technology infrastructure, and integrated infrastructure. It is implementing a special project to enhance information network construction, supporting infrastructure construction such as artificial intelligence and satellite applications, and promoting the layout and landing of a number of influential new infrastructure projects.


The Action Plan emphasizes that Fujian will steadily develop integrated infrastructure. Specifically, three major actions and 13 tasks were proposed, including the implementation of digital upgrading of industrial infrastructure, intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure, and information construction of public service facilities, including the implementation of smart agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, digital service industry, smart energy, smart transportation, smart water conservancy, smart ocean, smart ecological environment, digital countryside, new smart city, smart education, and smart healthcare Digital culture and other projects.

In terms of implementing intelligent manufacturing engineering, the Action Plan points out that promoting the application of basic software, industrial software, embedded software, new intelligent hardware, industrial control equipment, etc. in the production and manufacturing field, and deepening the application of the "5G+Industrial Internet" scenario. Enhance the leading effect of industrial internet platforms such as "Mo'er Cloud" and "Haichuang Cloud", cultivate advantageous industrial internet platforms such as electronic information and mechanical equipment, and strive to create a national level cross industry and cross domain industrial internet platform. Build a national level intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory.

In implementing the new smart city project, the Action Plan proposes the construction of a City Information Model (CIM) platform and a City Operations Management Service Platform (COM). Support Fuzhou in improving its "urban brain" and promoting the demonstration of "5G+smart city". Deepen the intelligent transformation of county towns. By 2025, the urban management information platform will achieve full coverage of cities and counties.

In implementing the digital culture project, the Action Plan points out that it supports the construction of ultra high definition and immersive video experience museums, science and technology museums, tourist attractions, and education and training bases. Promote cross screen interaction between "big screens" such as digital television and digital projection, and "small screens" such as mobile terminals.

Moderately advanced deployment of innovative infrastructure, highlighting the strengthening and optimization of platforms

Fujian focuses on promoting the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms, deploying scientific and technological innovation infrastructure in advance, and basically forming a scientific and technological innovation platform system led by innovation laboratories, with reasonable layout, clear positioning, and dynamic adjustment of key laboratories, new research and development institutions, engineering technology research centers, and industrial technology research institutes. "Huang Tiezhuang, a second level inspector of the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said at the meeting, As of now, the province has established 7 provincial innovation laboratories, with 286 provincial-level or above key laboratories (including 10 national level and 276 provincial-level), 2 national key laboratories, 38 industrial technology research institutes, 223 new research and development institutions, and 534 provincial-level or above engineering technology research centers (including 7 national level) and other technological innovation platforms

The reporter learned that the Action Plan clearly requires that Fujian will moderately advance the deployment of innovative infrastructure in the next three years. Specifically, two major actions and three tasks were proposed, including the cultivation and improvement of innovation platforms and the construction of industrial cluster support platforms, including cultivating national level innovation platforms, improving the innovation platform system, and constructing industrial public service platforms.

Cultivate national innovation platforms. Accelerate the layout and construction of national innovation platforms such as national key laboratories and the National Engineering Research Center in Fujian Province, strive to create a national laboratory base in energy, marine and other fields in Fujian, and focus on promoting the research and development of strategic cutting-edge technologies, generic technologies, key core technologies and disruptive technologies. In areas with advantageous characteristics such as ecology and oceans in Fujian Province, we plan to lay out and construct a batch of major scientific and technological infrastructure, and strive to lay out and construct large scientific installations.

Improve the innovation platform system. Promote the construction of provincial innovation laboratories such as optoelectronic information, energy materials, and integrated circuits, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of provincial key laboratories, engineering research centers, enterprise technology centers, and other platforms, and create an innovation platform system with resource aggregation, layout optimization, and hierarchical development.

Build an industrial public service platform. Focusing on the high-quality development of industries such as new generation information technology, new energy, biopharmaceuticals, and new functional materials, a number of public service platforms, entrepreneurship incubators, and other infrastructure have been established to create an industrial cluster supporting research and development, inspection and testing, achievement promotion, innovation and entrepreneurship, and other functions. Promote the construction of the Fuzhou University National University Science and Technology Park Intelligent Internet Connection (V2X) Industry University Research Base.

Fujian will adhere to moderate advance and on-demand deployment. Based on reality and long-term perspective, it will focus on areas such as information infrastructure, integrated infrastructure, and innovative infrastructure, taking into account factors such as population distribution, industrial layout, and urbanization status. It will deploy new infrastructure in specific scenarios or regions, key areas, and weak links in a moderate advance manner, giving priority to responding to the most concerned expectations of the people and enterprises, and achieving demand satisfaction and resource utilization The best effect Wu Hongwu stated at the meeting.

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