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Customized telecom cabinet

Outdoor integrated cabinet CY series is mainly used in wireless communications base stations, including 3G/4G systems,communications/network integrated services, access / transport exchange stations, emergency communications / transmission.

Outdoor equipment cabinet is a kind of comprehensive outdoor products, designed for customer actual application environment and equipment working conditions .It is mainly used on occasions of Telecommunication and other wide range application.

The standard equipment includes 19” mounting rack, temperature management system, cable entry glands and grounding hardware, and so on. Active equipment, power system, optical fiber and power distribution system may be installed. Special engineering and additional equipment integration is also available. It provides an ideal, reliable and economical working platform for telecom broadband access network and other kinds of networks.

CY001 is a new generation telecom energy solution which realizes site power to be a network element to ensure maximum site level cost saving, easy O&M and seamless evolution in future.

Deployed as a battery capsule is a very important application mode of CY001. The cabinet is designed with sandwich panel, multiple anti-theftcomponents and plentiful optional thermal control devicesto provide safe and suitable working environment for battery.

2.Main Features

· High reliability cooling devices with 48 VDC input

· High heat isolation performance lead to OPEX saving

· Super anti-theft, European standard lock and enhanced fence

· Fast deployment

· Compact figure, easy land acquisition

· designed specifically for telecommunication network, outdoor installation, can be operated in harsh environments:

Ø Sea vapor;

Ø High temperature: 45 °C

Ø High humidity: 95% non-condensing

Ø Wind storm level 13 (from 134km/h to 149 km/h)

3.Application Scenarios

· Outdoor site

· Battery cabinet






External Dimension (includes door and plinth )

2100mm(H) x 850mm(W) x 850mm(D)

Internal Dimension

1800mm(H) x 750mm(W) x 750mm(D)

Base Dimension

150mm(H) x 850mm(W) x 850mm(D)


250 kg


Disassembled design with front door only, foor stand,with 19" rack from top to down,with genset interface

Internal Space

42 U

Panel Material

Sandwich panel,frame and door use zinc plated steel with powder coating , water proof , moisture proof, dust proof, corrosion resistance

Structure of panel

+Outer layer : GA / EG galvanized steel , thickness 2mm ;

+Insulation layer : EPS, thickness 45 mm

+Inner layer : GA / EG galvanized steel, thickness 1mm

Thermal conductivity coefficient

≤ 0.024 W/m.K

Propotion of insulation layer

≤ 32 kg/m3

Surface of ouside cabinet

Powder coasting, againts aging and anti-chemical corrosion

Rack material

Zinc plated steel,thickness 1.5mm

Security design

Embedded door, embedded hinges, 4-point security lock

Cable Entry

Under bottom in and out Φ30*8 (4 holes for each sides of cabinet)

Grounding Bar

02 grounding bar with 08 holes M35 : 01 for lightning protection and 01 for grounding connection of equipments


48 VDC LED,automatically ON when openned door


Temperature sensor *2(accuracy 0.1⁰C); smoke sensor*1;door sensor*1;flooded sensor*1

Protection Level



Front operation&mainternance

Time Life

≥ 20 years


DC airconditioner



Compressor Brand

Panasonic (Japan)


781mm x 482mm x 187mm


31 kg

Mounting Method

Semi-Embedded mounting

Norminal Voltage

48 VDC

Operating Input Voltage Range

40 63 VDC

Cooling Capacity


Power Consumption


Cooling Capacity


Power Consumption


Temperature Adjustment Range

220C-350C (Step 10C)

Max Noise Level

60 dB(A)




CE Compliant

Operating Temperature Range

-40 55

Storage&Transportation Temperature Range

-40 70

Operation humidity Range

5% 100%(direct 5% 95%)

Time Life

≥15 years


DC Fan

Number of Fan


Normical Voltage

48 VDC

Air Flow

570 m3/hr


13.36mmH2O (Min12.02mmH2O)


Using DC fan when DC air conditioner fail ( emergency case) or temperature inside of cabinet exceed to 55°C (the temperature can be adjustabled)





Mounted in the rack 19” include : surge protection class 1, interlocker-manually CB 63A and socket 220V,10A.

Surge Protection

-Discharging current at 10/350 µs[L-N]/[N-PE]) : Iimp≥25/50 kA

-Rated discharging current at 8/20 µs[L-N]/[N-PE]): In≥25 kA

-Indicate color mechanical and sending alarm by dry contact when surge protection fails; In≥20 kA. Uc≥1.1Uo (Uo=230VAC) Up≤1.5kV TOV [L-N] ≥ 440 V (±1%)/ 120 min

Interlock-manually CB 100A

One CB connect to AC grid input and other CB connect to socket IP65, 63A, 1 phase 3 polars in the outside of cabinet for Genset input

AC socket 220V,10A

Using for PC in mainternance process.

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